Your Legacy. Secured for Tomorrow.

At Legato Law, we pride ourselves on providing the knowledge, clarity, and support that are essential to helping clients make complex decisions about the distributions of their estates. When wealth is at stake…when emotions are high…we bring a calm, intelligent logic to every situation.

Our Mission

Our team of skilled professionals work closely with clients to make certain that specific needs are met, the transition of wealth is smooth and seamless, and peace of mind prevails throughout every stage of the process.

The Meaning of Legato

In music, “legato” refers to a style of playing that is smooth and connected from one note to the next. The progression is fluid and uninterrupted—just as the transition of wealth should be. At Legato Law, our primary focus is ensuring that family assets are safeguarded from one generation to the next.

Our Specialities

  • Legacy Planning
    Whether a client’s circumstances are straightforward or intricate, we handle all types of will and trust planning, asset protection, and planned gifting.
  • Trust and Probate Administration
    We undertake every aspect of the legal process—from notifications to distributions—to ensure a seamless transition of wealth for our clients.
  • International Inheritance Planning
    Geared to clients with family or assets overseas, this service helps avoid the complexities that can surface due to foreign jurisdiction.