Practice Areas

Areas of Expertise

We are pleased to offer our clients a multitude of services related to estate planning. Whether simple or intricate, every situation receives the same careful attention in pursuit of a universal goal: to protect assets for today and tomorrow.

Legacy Planning

The better part of a lifetime is spent working to create a brighter future. Financial success helps ensure security and comfort for oneself and for future generations, and protecting that which has been earned is critically important.

We at Legato Law have a skilled understanding of every aspect of settling an estate. Even in the presence of delicate and complicated distribution patterns, we tap into our resources and expertise to fulfill our clients’ wishes.

For those who wish to leave their estate to a nonprofit organization, we provide information and advice on planned gifting, carefully creating techniques that allow them to leave behind a legacy to further a particular cause.

Trust and Probate Administration

The tasks involved in trust and probate administration are extensive, demanding, and often complex. We stand ready to take over when our clients are facing a difficult and stressful time, assuming responsibilities that include:

  • Notifying the necessary government agencies and beneficiaries as required by law
  • Collecting estate and trust assets for administration purposes
  • Dealing with financial institutions to resolve accounts
  • Coordinating with county assessors to handle the details of property-tax issues
  • Arranging for a CPA to address any tax issues surrounding the deceased person and the trust
  • Overseeing distributions per the trust provisions
  • Successfully employing estate tax-reduction techniques

Quite simply, we are committed to protecting our clients’ assets and interests We do everything in our power to guide their families through the process to ensure complete peace of mind.

International Inheritance Planning

Legato Law is one of very few specialized law firms that handle international inheritance planning. We have established strategic connections with attorneys and CPAs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, enabling us to take on work that involves overseas assets.

When a client holds assets outside the United States, they are subject to foreign estates taxes as well as U.S. estate tax. We work closely with CPAs and law firms in various countries to determine ways to remove the assets from foreign jurisdiction while still maintaining the client’s ownership and control.